Embroidery kit Filo Quercetti

With Filò it will be super fun to create beautiful multicolour designs and then undo them to start a..

19.80€ Ex Tax: 16.36€

Fantacolor Junior mosaic Quercetti

Junior Basic is a fun transparent pegboard with large multicolour buttons! Children will love making..

16.95€ Ex Tax: 14.01€

Fantacolor Junior mosaic Quercetti

Fantacolor Junior is a fun transparent pegboard with large multicolour buttons. Children will love m..

24.81€ Ex Tax: 20.50€

Georello Farm constructor Quercetti

Kids will have loads of fun with the Georello Farm construction set while also learning some basic m..

16.95€ Ex Tax: 14.01€

Georello Jungle Constructor Quercetti

The Georello Jungle construction set introduces some simple principles of mechanics in a fun and cre..

14.96€ Ex Tax: 12.36€

Georello Toolbox Constructor Quercetti

Build complex three-dimensional structures, then insert the gears and put everything in motion with ..

28.60€ Ex Tax: 23.64€

Mosaic Pixel Baby Basic Quercetti

Pixel Baby - Create wonderful mosaics with buttons in 3 different colours and 3 different shapes. Th..

16.95€ Ex Tax: 14.01€

Mosaic Pixel Junior Basic Quercetti

Pixel Junior - Create wonderful mosaics with buttons in 6 different colours. The transparent board h..

16.95€ Ex Tax: 14.01€

Mosaic Pixel Junior Quercetti

Mosaic Pixel Junior .. Develops logical thinking, motor skills and coordination, ability to follow r..

24.81€ Ex Tax: 20.50€

Pallino board game Quercetti

Pallino is celebrating 25 years of success: a multi-award-winner in international competitions for b..

31.94€ Ex Tax: 26.40€

Tablet Mandala Magnetico Quercetti

A new line of dry-erase magnetic boards, designed as a two-sided tablet with an innovative round sha..

31.94€ Ex Tax: 26.40€

Tecno Toolbox сonstruсtor Quercetti

All kids are fascinated with their folk’s toolbox. Our Tecno Toolbox comes with a realistic and comp..

32.80€ Ex Tax: 27.11€

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